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Discover the best Verona itineraries to make your holiday even more unique

DURATION: About 2 hours

The Itinerary will start from Giusti Garden, one of the most attractive Italian gardens of the Renaissance, and the wonderful Church of Holy Maria in Organo in Isolo square.
Climbing up to the St. Giovanni Valle we will find on the left side the charming Church of St. Giovanni.
Passing by Villa Francescatti, which is the location for the Youth Hostel, we will keep going up of the Hill from Vicolo Dietro Castel San Pietro in order to get on the observation deck of San Pietro Castel and enjoying the breathtaking view of Verona.

DURATION: About 8 hours

Verona is rich in museums, many of which are of great value. The itinerary begin from Brà Square at the Lapidarium Museum Maffeiano, one of the oldest European museums, to continue in the Civic Museum of Castelvecchio. Walking along Via Cavour and the Carega neighborhood we arrive early at the Miniscalchi-Erizzo Museum, Palazzo Forti Modern Art Gallery and the Canonicale Museum.
Crossing the Stone Bridge we will reach the Archaeological Museum, inside the Roman Theater, Civic Museum of Natural History.

DURATION: About 4 hours

This Verona route allows you to visit the west side of the city. Starting from Castelvecchio, where you can visit the Civic Museum of Castelvecchio, you cross the Scaligero Bridge to reach Arsenal Franz Josef I. The itinerary continues with the visit of San Zeno with Square of San Zeno, then visit the Church of San Zeno Maggiore and its characteristic portal, the nearby Church of San Procolo and finally the Church of San Bernardino.

DURATION: About 8 hours

Verona gives us some beautiful panoramic places. Starting from the Verona Arena, from where you can still have a discreet panorama on Brà Square, we take Via Mazzini to reach Square of Herbs. The Tower of Lamberti, on its 84 meters, is definitely an excellent point of view from Verona from above. The itinerary continues for ladie’s Square, the Scaligero Arches, the Church of Santa Anastasia, then to reach the square of Castel San Pietro, another wonderful panoramic place. For those who want to make a last effort, the itinerary ends on the hill in front, on the square on Sanctuary of Lourdes. The effort will be greatly rewarded by a breathtaking view.

DURATION: About 8 hours

William Shakespeare wrote his most famous opera “Juliet and Romeo” inspired by Verona, which is why Verona has become the city of love. This itinerary will accompany you in places where the poet has been inspired.
The itinerary begins with the House of Romeo, less known because it can not be visited internally, and the famous balcony of the Juliet House, targeting millions of tourists from all over the world. The itinerary continues with a visit to the Juliet’s Tomb, inside the convent of San Francesco al Corso, home of the Museum of Frescoes, to finish with the Gables of Brà and Corso Cavour with the visit of Castelvecchio and the plaque on the Facade of Palazzo Carlotti.

DURATION: About 4 hours

This is a classic route from the historic center of Verona, which offers the main stages, great for those who visit Verona for the first time and want to have a general overview of the city. The itinerary starts from Brà Square, where the Arena of Verona is located, to continue towards Castelvecchio and along Via Cavour to Borsari Door, a Roman door whose only façade remains today. Walking along the Corso Porta Borsa, then we come to Square of Herbs, the ancient Roman Forum, the elegant Ladie’s Square and the Scaligero Arches, the scaliger tombs. Continue for Via Cappello, where we will visit the famous Juliet House to finish with Leoni Door, another Roman door and the Church of St. Fermo, without doubt one of the most beautiful temples in Verona.


The Giara Romana is the ideal place to stay if you want to visit Verona’s famous shopping streets.
Within 500 meters you will find the most famous shopping streets such as Via Mazzini, Corso Porta Borsari and Via Cappello, venues of the most famous and prestigious luxury boutiques.

  • Via Mazzini Luxury Boutique
    Popular brands like: Gucci, Zara, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Louis Vuitton
  • Corso Porta Borsari High street
  • Via Cappello High street
    Popular brands like: Armani
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